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  VOODOO GIRLS challenges Thailand’s social taboos as filmmaker THUNSKA PANSITTIVORAKUL and his circle of college friends, talk openly about sex, gossiping and teasing each other as they discuss their past and present partners. Loaded with sexual innuendo, random objects and gestures assume new meaning, rendering even an artist's wooden mannequin a playful sexual energy.

- Roger Garcia

  Voodoo Girls
80 mins / Color / 2002 English subtitled / DV pal
Director  : Thunska Pansittivorakul
Distributor :
Roger Garcia
              Modern Films Production
                 1588 Campus Drive
                 Berkeley CA 94708

                 tel: 510 847 6822
                 fax: 510 843 9738
                 email: roger@modernfilms.net
  Videographer : Thunska Pansittivorakul
Editor  : Mitree Seangprachatanaruk
Voodoo Girls : Boonsri Sriboonrutanachai,Srikamol ruttanalangkarn,Pornsilp Sakhakorn
Website : www.voodoogirls.i8.com
e-mail : thunska13@hotmail.com , weicheung@hotmail.com , thaifilm@ji-net.com
Address : Thunska Pansittivorakul
              65/112 Soi Ekachai 34
              Ekachai rd. Jomtong
              Bangkok 10150
Documentary in a form of home video, telling a story of the lives of 3 girl friends through a personal point of view.

Director's Note
At the end of last year I reveal a secret to my close friend. The next day she called me and told me that she was going to England. Personally, I hate being film on camera. That's why I don't have any picture of me with my friends. This scared me and this fear made me film these events immediately during the time that was left without worrying about how the film will turn out. When I was editing the film, I felt like I was putting the jigsaw pieces of memory together. When I finished it, I saw a curse in our fate. It was a curse that made us laugh in order to forget our pain of love,journey and memories...


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